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eLitmus is India’s largest fresher evaluation and recruitment body. It owns the IP for the pH test- the most researched analytical and algorithmic thinking test.

The pH test is a national level test. The pH test score is in the form of percentile & helps candidates benchmark themselves against the national talent pool. Candidates can also use the score to apply to all participating companies for a period of 2 years. The pH test score has helped over 210 companies across multiple industries such as Automobile, IT/Software and Construction, to recruit capable candidates from across India.

eLitmus Syllabus – Question Papers Test Sample Pattern

It is essential that you understand the way shortlisting works. eLitmus uses an artificial intelligent (AI) engine which uses extremely complex algorithms. The objective is to ensure candidates find jobs by being rejected in minimum number of places and that companies find talent which actually performs on the job.

The success of the AI engine can be gauged from the fact that for every 3 candidates who attend selection process of a company through eLitmus, one gets offered.

For every job, eLitmus AI engine assigns a rank to each student based on preferences and job profile set by the companies. So it is possible that you might be ranked higher than your friend in company A but in company B your friend is ranked higher despite having a lower score. This could be because Company A is engaged in R&D and hence gives higher weightage to individuals who have solved questions related to following skills out of box thinking, algorithmic thinking, simplification, relational thinking, encapsulation and abstraction.

Company B might be engaged in providing software services work or QA work. And hence will give higher weightage to individuals who have solved questions related to following skills methodical approach, eye for detail, perseverance, patience etc.

Apart from these, some companies might have additional preference on basis of Geography and Academic credentials (for example: candidates from a particular state or candidates with above 65% throughout or candidates from certain colleges etc).

Given that there are over half a million pH Score holders today, it is NOT possible to send individual mailer to all of you every time there is an opportunity.

Hence eLitmus maintains mailing groups. The mailing groups are powered by googlegroups. The owner of the group (in this case eLitmus) sends a mail to the googlegroup. Google in turn forwards this mail to all individuals who have opted to receive the mail.

There are no eligibility criteria as such to take up the pH test. Currently, only candidates having/pursuing a degree in BE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/M.Tech or M.Sc(CS/IT) will benefit from the pH test.

The pH test fee is at present Rs. 920/-. You can either pay in cash (accepted in our Bangalore office only), or send them a DD or pay online.

pH scores are declared in your eLitmus account within 18 days of your pH test date. Usually the result comes within a week, but sometimes it may take up to 2 weeks!

Elitmus negative marking

If you do more than 25% questions wrong of the total attempt then for rest of every wrong answer half mark will be deducted. If you attempt more than 1/4th of total questions wrong then you get negative marking, for example: if you attempt 12 questions, 1/4th of 12 is 4, so if you attempt 9 right and 3 wrong then u have no negative markings but if you attempt 8 right and 4 wrong then negative marking will be there for that 4th question but not for the other 3.

Negative markings are section wise not for the complete test.

eLitmus Test is beneficial for All department students CSC, IT, ECE, EEE, E&I, and even for civil and Mechanical Engineering students too etc. There are no basic questions from Electrical/Electronic department. Elitmus Aptitude

Question Paper is relatively easy.

Tips to score more marks in eLitmus test paper:

Attempting two questions on the quantitative section will earn you nearly 20 marks, which means you will get a percentile of 60′s, if you have 90 or 95+ percentile in other sections it might as well do. But you cannot be assured that you will get a lot of calls, you may have to lose out on some companies. Attempt only those questions that you can answer and leave out the rest. It doesn’t really matter if you haven’t attempted 20 out of 20 questions. Ph test is not about how many questions you attempt, it’s all about how you choose the questions and answer them correctly.

Here is the syllabus for the test:

1) Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus: 20 Questions

  • Geometry
  • Speed, Time and Distance
  • Time and Work
  • Number System
  • Probability
  • Permutation and Combinations
  • Few Miscellaneous Questions

2) Reasoning Syllabus: 20 Questions

  • Seating Arrangement
  • Tabular Data
  • Cryptarithmetic Questions
  • Data Sufficiency questions

3) Verbal Ability Syllabus: 20 Questions

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Jumbled Paragraph Questions
  • Vocabulary Based Questions
  • Fill in Blanks
  • Miscellaneous Questions

All the best for your PH test.


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